Spares Kit For Water Carts


Product Description

This spares kit for our water carts includes:

  • 0.75″ Potable Water Plug
  • 0.75″ Potable Water Inlet Fitting
  • 0.75″ Potable Water Fill Coupler
  • 0.75″ Potable Water Inlet Nipple Cap
  • 0.75″ Potable Water Fill Coupler (Long Grip)
  • Galvanized Wheel & Tire Assembly for AERO Service Carts
  • Potable Water Fill Hose (12 feet)
  • Drox Potable Water Tank Cleaner Kit, includes:
    • Drox Cleaning Solution (1 quart)
    • 3M Respirator
    • Nylon Scrub Brush
    • Scotch Brite Pad
    • Heavy-Duty Rubber Cleaning Gloves (pair)

P/N: 001880

Please contact Aviation Spares & Repairs Limited for more information on the Spares Kit, Potable Water. We are here to help with all your GSE requirements.