Product Description

This Red Box unit combines a petrol engine with a bank of batteries to offer the slickest combination unit in the world. The weight and size of this unit is unrivalled, making it the obvious choice of Business Jet owners and operators.

  • High capacity heavy duty engine starting of, aircraft
  • Light weight portable start and continuous power at remote locations
  • Starts combat and military vehicles
  • Light weight continuous DC power for maintenance training and weapons testing
  • Tough and compact
  • Maintenance free cells
  • No memory effect
  • High charge retention cells
  • Long shelf life
  • Fast recharge
  • No cycling
  • Leak proof cells
  • Cells replaceable on condition

Please contact Aviation Spares & Repairs Limited for more information on the HybRED-170-4. We are here to help with all of your GSE needs.

  • Continuous Power from engine: 170 Amp
  • Max start voltage: 28.5V DC
  • Voltage indication: Digital IP65
  • Max amps: 3500 Nominal short circuit 4 cells, 5200 maximum short circuit
  • Capacity: 76 Amp Hrs at 10 Hr rate
  • Engine size/fuel: 392CC – Unleaded petrol engine developing 13 HP EPA compliant, integrated fuel filtering
  • Engine starting: Electric – Hand pull back up
  • Engine fuel tank: 7.9 litre
  • Engine exhaust: Super lo tone system, spark arrestor in exhaust
  • Engine battery: Separate isolated 12 volt
  • Engine protection: Low oil auto shut down
  • Cooling: Fan cooled
  • Operation: All weather
  • Operating temperature: -30 to +40 C
  • Dimensions: 950 mm x 550 mm x 640 mm High – Main Body
  • Weight: 150 kg