Demo Units

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Trial our demo fleet of ground support equipment today. Within our selection of demo units, we have available aircraft tow tractors, aircraft towbarless tugs and diesel generators. These units are ideal to meet your airport requirements.
The Eagle XM-20/30 tow tractor and the eTT-12 electric tow tractor are great options to suit your aircraft towing needs. The Eagle XM-20/30 is able to tow aircraft weighing up to 97,500 kg (215,000 lbs), while the Eagle eTT-12 is capable of towing aircraft weighing up to 58,967 kg (130,000 lbs). Both these units feature an all-wheel drive system, which equally distributes the weight between the front and rear wheels for enhanced traction and balance.
The JP30 and JP30L towbarless tugs are also perfect units to move various aircraft. However, these are ideal for smaller and lighter aircraft, including piston aircraft and light corporate jets as they feature a towing capacity of up to 13,608 kg (30,000 lbs).
The JetGo 600Mti-RJ ground power unit features a 2300A peak and 600A continuous 28V DC output, which is capable of starting aircraft engines and help perform aircraft system maintenance. This unit offers reliability in all weather conditions and environments, being suitable for any airport, airfield, heliport or military facilities.