CH-47 Chinook Helicopter Towbar

Product Description

The CH47 Chinook Helicopter Towbar is designed to move Boeing CH-47 Chinook military service helicopters.

The towbar attaches to right rear wheel with spring loaded slide pin. An auxiliary tow head attaches to left rear wheel and a tie rod is pinned between the two tow heads this allows both tow heads to turn equally in the same direction at the same time. No more manual turning of the left wheel is required. The CH-47 towbar breaks down and stows easily for transportation.

P/N: 002081

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  • Distance between towheads: 134″ (3.4 m)
  • Length: 14.8′ (4.51 m)
  • Weight: 151 lbs (68.49 kg)
  • Breakdown length 80″ (2.03 m)
  • Load rating: 75,000 lbs (34,019 kg)