“Safe-Lav” LC100E-SL Electric Lavatory Service Cart

Product Description

The LC100E-SL electronic lavatory service cart features the Safe-Lav system, which uses a specific batching tank to regulate and control the maximum quantity of fluid that can be transferred. The Safe-Lav is designed to eliminate unintended overfilling of the aircraft’s lavatory systems, thus protecting both the aircraft and the operator.

The Safe-Lav system has a drainback valve that allows the fluid in the fill hose to drain back to the batch tank, thus preventing the fluid from spilling.

Accidental overfilling of the aircraft’s lavatory systems can cause serious damage, such as corrosion due to the fluid leakage, or it can even cause an aircraft disruption, if the aircraft is required to be pulled from service to be cleaned.

This product can be pre-installed in a particular lavatory service cart or as a retro-fit kit to units already in operation. Additionally, the Safe-Lav is available as a dual system or a single system; the first system is inclusive of both blue and clear batch tanks.

The LC100E-SL is equipped with a 12V DC electric pump, with on-board battery and charger, which will pump 17 litres (4.5 gal) of fluid per minute at 40 psi. This lavatory service cart has the capacity of removing 257.4 litres (68 gallons) of waste from the aircraft and refilling 164 litres (36 gallons) of sanitary blue or clear fluid.

Designed for corporate and regional jets, this lavatory service cart also features a rotationally-moulded polyethylene tanks, which are rust-proof and UV-resistant. Rotomoulded polyethylene tanks are durable, impact resistant, environmental stress crack resistant and lightweight.

The waste valve configurations can be the following: standard outlet with dump hosepipe; 90-degree downturn waste valve or closed waste assembly valve.

In addition, the following equipment can be purchased for the “Safe Lav” LC100E-SL Electric Lavatory Service Cart:

  • Breakaway coupler
  • Y type waste coupler
  • Long grip fill coupler
  • Corner bumper kit
  • Solar charger kit and panel
  • LearJet and HondaJet lavatory adapters
  • LearJet and HondaJet stow bracket kit
  • Lavatory blue treatment fluid (in gallons)
  • Lavatory clear treatment fluid (in gallons)
  • Lavatory blue treatment powder (in tube)
  • Alternate waste hose 3.1 m (10 inches)
  • Alternate waste hose 3.7 m (12 inches)
  • Personal protective gear package
  • Wheel chock holder
  • Set of 2 side mount storage trays
  • Safety disconnect towbar cover

This unit includes all required hoses and couplers to service aircraft.

For more information on the “Safe-Lav” LC100E-SL Lavatory Cart unit or any other lavatory service carts, please contact Aviation Spares & Repairs Limited. We are here to help with all your GSE requirements.


  • Waste capacity of 257.4 litres (68 gallons)
  • Fill capacity of 13 litres (36 gallons)
  • No waste pump required as it has a gravity dump system (FDA approved)
  • Tanks constructed of rotationally moulded polyethylene
  • Water drain-back system
  • Sealed waste hose storage
  • Heavy-duty running gear
  • Digital flow meter
  • CE certified and marked


  • Length: 226 cm (89 inches)
  • Width: 114 cm (45 inches)
  • Height: 91 cm (36 inches)
  • Inlet height: 66 cm (26 inches)
  • Weight: 261 kg (575 lbs)
  • Waste hose length: 2.2 m (7.4 inches), plus straight 10.1 m (4 inches) GA coupler
  • Sealed cart dump hose length: 3.1 m (10 inches)


  • 12V DC electric pump kit
  • Capable of pumping 17 l/m (4.5 gal/m) at 40 psi max
  • Includes on-board battery and charger
  • Back-up hand pump
  • Four pumps equal 3.8 litres (1 gal) of fluid