MS-1 Towable Fuelling Platform

Product Description

The MS-1 Mobile Aircraft Fuelling Platform is a lightweight, low-maintenance fuelling stand that can be configured for various aircraft.

Note: Please specify the aircraft to be serviced when requesting a quote.

This heavy duty platform is constructed of aluminium round tubing with grit style steps, configuration with a grip strut platform flooring with top working platform, handrails on both sides of the steps and around the sides of the platform, and features a folding towbar for easy portability. The top handrails and bottom step are painted yellow with a reflective strip to make the platform easy to spot on the ramp under any condition. The top rail is padded to cushion any accidental impact with the aircraft. It features one set of lockable 8 inch casters on the front and one set of 10 inch caster wheels on the rear of the platform in case of movement. Four point brakes/stability locks are included to completely immobilize the stand.

This fuelling platform features a high flow, low pressure drop design. It eliminates the need for a manual or automatic relief valve vented to a slop tank.  The piping is made of Schedule 10 aluminium and tested to 150 PSI, Victaulic connections (minimum 1/4″ low point fuel drain). The unit features a thermal expansion accumulator to accept expanding fuel to maintain low internal pressure and return the accumulated fuel to the next aircraft being serviced. A gauge is provided for the accumulator.

Includes one 6′ by 2″ (1.8 m by 5 cm) aircraft refuelling hose (coupled male x male). The unit includes one 2.5″ international standard 3 lug under wing nozzle with quick disconnect, 100 mesh strainer, dust cap and 45 PSI hose end pressure controller.  A nozzle pressure gauge is included (4.5 inches, 0-160 PSI in 2 PSI increments, glycerine filled, SS construction with colour coded markings for safe operating ranges).

Includes operating manual and operating instructions etched onto the unit.

Please contact Aviation Spares & Repairs Limited for more information on the MS-1 towable fuelling stand. We are here to help with all your GSE requirements.

  • Configured for higher flow rate (dual three lug adapters, larger diameter piping, dual hoses and nozzles)
  • Configured for dual fuelling heights (in lieu of the standard single fuelling height)